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To deliver on our mission to educate women to become financially empowered, we partner with organizations whose mission align with ours.

6-monthFinancial Literacy Program with Global Shapers


Femme Minty worked in collaboration with the Global Shapers, a chapter of the World Economic Forum to deliver foundational concepts in personal finance through a 6-month financial literacy program to female undergraduates selected across the African continent. The program was delivered to participants from Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa to develop foundational concepts in personal finance.
Femme Minty created content, facilitated educational sessions and delivered content to the program participants during the program.

Financial Skills Training Program


Femme Minty worked in partnership with AgDevCo, a specialist investor in Agribusinesses in Africa to deliver personal finance tools, framework and knowledge to female employees across their portfolio companies in Malawi, Uganda, Ghana.
The program delivered educational content and guidance on goal setting, financial planning, credit, savings and investing concepts to enable participants gain knowledge and positive behaviors when it comes to managing money and plan for a financially secure future.