How To Build a Positive Money Mindset

Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? 

Most people don’t, because of the many motivational cliches out there. However, we think you should. To prosper financially you need to maintain a growth mindset.

To create a positive mindset around money, you want to rid your mind of all limiting beliefs preventing you from taking action, then start looking at the world through an opportunistic lens to fully achieve abundance in your life. 

What is a Money Mindset?

  • Do you have an unconscious belief that money is a man’s world and women shouldn’t bother about it? 
  • Do you feel vulnerable and intimidated or confident and in control during financial conversations? 
  • Are you like most people who believe that money is the root of all evil? 

Your money mindset is a core set of beliefs and attitudes you have about money, and which drives the decisions you make about saving, spending  and handling. Your money mindset shapes what you believe you can and cannot do with money, how much money you believe you’re allowed, entitled, and able to earn, how much you can and should spend, the way you utilise debt, how much money you give away, and your ability to invest with confidence and success.

How Do You Develop a Positive Money Mindset?

1). Practice Self-Awareness With Money

If you think that money is a scarce commodity, you’ll feel stressed and anxious when you don’t have enough. You might lash out at people in your family for their financial frivolity, carelessness or money mistakes. You won’t be generous and you might even hoard money and material possessions.

The same goes if your thinking is abundance. You will feel positive and optimistic, open to share and also take chances to grow your finances.

2). Practice Social-Awareness With Money

How do you react when you go out to dinner or coffee with your friends? Do you always pick up the bill or act otherwise? What does that say about you and the way you interact with money? 

When you get paid – does money burn a hole in your pocket? Do you feel like you need to get rid of it or give it away? Do you believe that it’s not safe for you to hold on to money?

How about when you’re negotiating the price of a product, asking for payment of a service you offered, or salary with a potential employer? Are you usually nervous or confident? Do you feel you’re worth a certain amount of money – and no more?

3). Acknowledge Any Money Mistakes You’ve Made And Forgive Yourself.

We all made mistakes while growing up into matured adults. It’s the same with money maturity. And since only a few of us were taught how to handle money, you need to learn to forgive whatever mistakes you’ve made in the areas of your finances. Let go of the past, shift your focus away from the shame and make room for better practices and a more positive attitude towards money in the future.

4). Change Your Limiting Beliefs Into Positive 

Limiting beliefs impact the way you handle money and block the flow of wealth and financial confidence into your life. Therefore, you need to change them using positive money affirmations. When you speak in the present tense your subconscious mind accepts it as your new reality. Below are powerful statements you can state saying in the area of finances; 

  • I have a mindset of wealth and abundance. I am optimistic about life and my finances.
  • I know my value. I honor my worth. I’m open to receive more money and success.
  • Creative ideas for money and success flow from me. I create wealth with honesty and integrity.
  • I always have enough money. The more money I have, the more money I can use to help myself and others.

5). Make small changes to shift your money habits and behaviors

A very simple idea can be to spend as little as 5 minutes looking at your financial statements everyday. Just by practising this you can start tracking your expenses to check your spending habits. Another habit can be to create a budget or a spending plan at the beginning of the month. 


You can determine your financial future with a positive money mindset. Wake up each day and create positive thoughts that will create new behaviors. It doesn’t matter where you were yesterday or a month ago or a year ago. You can choose to take control of your money – and your money mindset.

Shifting your money mindset is a journey. If your goal is to enjoy a more joyful, abundant and confident relationship with your money, it’s time to get started. The goal is the journey.

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