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My name is Taiwo Okwor, and I am the Founder of Femme Minty a financial education platform for women. Men are also welcome too; we don’t discriminate.

I am also an investment and development finance professional by day with professional experience across various continents. I am driven by the motivation to achieve my goals, make a positive impact, and a difference in the world.

My vision is to develop tools and resources to help impact the lives of 1 million+ young African women to educate and inspire women, African women, to become financially educated and financially empowered over the next 5 years. Ambitious, I know, but hopefully not impossible.

Femme Minty was created as one of the ways to deepen connections to my roots as an African. My hope is to help women achieve financial success by providing valuable information, tools and resources to make smart financial decisions and live financially meaningful lives.


My Finance Journey

Growing up I have also been conscious about the purpose of money. I was one of those kids who would rather save the monetary gifts given by friends and relatives. For those not familiar with the African culture, monetary gift is the norm given to friends to celebrate important events such as birthdays, anniversaries and other important milestones. One time, I surprised my parents with my savings which I had collected from monetary gifts over a couple of years and asked them to invest it on my behalf. I would say that was my first introduction into the world of personal finance and investing.

My First Big
Financial Accomplishment

Following advice from my parents, I brought my first real estate investment after my first year of graduation from the money that I saved up during my gap year. This was a significant achievement that I am very proud of for a number of reasons. Firstly, not a lot of recent graduates could afford to get their foot on the property ladder right after university, and secondly it was the best advice I had ever received even though I didn’t recognize it at the time.



I have always been interested in learning about investing and teaching others about how to build financial wealth and becoming financially literate. Women are the fabric of our society and nation, and without knowledge and skills, financial illiteracy can result in poor saving, poor spending, excessive credit card use, and bad investment decisions. The stress of financial insecurity in families can lead to social and economic challenges for the family and future generations. Through my blog and other social media platforms, I provide educational content on all topics related to investing and personal finance.